Communication is the key

Communication is the key


If you or someone you know is thinking of renovating or building here’s a tip I’ve found over the many renovations I’ve been involved in that really helps – COMMUNICATION!


The jobs that have run best and on schedule are those where the builder/owner have kept the various trades updated as to how the work is going and when they’ll be needed back – even if it’s a rough guess.


If the job does push out – let the other trades know straight away so they can reschedule!


Jobs that run over time cost money and add extra stress to the owners and builders.


Make sure the right trades are lined up in the right order. We’ve been asked to come in after the painting’s been done and the carpets have been laid!


Don’t forget – we’re so reliable  we back it up with a $100 guaranteed booked appointment time – call us on 9578 4999 to book a guaranteed slot!


If you’re not sure – ask! We’re more than happy to help. Contact us on


Have fun!


If you are planning or needing to get any residential or commercial electrical work done, don’t hesitate to contact Easton Bell Electrical for a free quote, friendly and timely service and reasonable prices.
Just give us a call on 0413 156 407!

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