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Common causes of electrical fires in homes

Common causes of electrical fires in the home - Easton Electrical

Who hasn’t heard of a fire in a home caused by an electrical fault sometimes with devastating consequences?

We talked about smoke alarms last time so where else do problems lay?

I’ve seen many homes where the wiring is very unsafe, sometimes because of it’s age – some homes here in Melbourne still have wiring dating back to the 1930’s or have had wiring done by “handymen” who should have known better!

Old wiring, especially in rubber cable (1940’s – 1960’s) which has proven to be disastrous, and incorrect wiring by others is an invitation to disaster.

ANY wiring not done by a qualified electrician is not covered by your insurance policy.

Old cotton covered wiring in steel conduit or perished rubber cabling can short out in areas such as inside walls or in ceilings where there is enough flammable material to cause a fire.

An up-to-date switch board with safety switches and circuit breakers can help reduce the risk but it is NOT a guarantee of safety.


Not sure if your home is safe?

Check your switch board. – Is it new or does it still have those old plug-in fuses? Check your light switches and power outlets. Do they look as old as your home?

That’s a very good indication if your home has been rewired or not.

Still not sure? Contact us for a free assessment in your existing home, rental property or potential property purchase. Call us on 0413 156 407 or book an appointment here!

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