Electrical safety at Christmas

Electrical safety at Christmas

Easton Electrical Christmas safety


Easton Electrical Christmas safety

Christmas is getting closer and closer and you may have already decorated your home or be planning to do so soon. We found this great article regarding this topic on the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) website that we would like to share with you here:

Safety at Christmas

With Christmas upon us please take care when buying and installing Christmas lights and other electrical products.

Here are our 12 Festive tips:

1.      Always buy compliant electrical products.

2.      Be particularly vigilant when buying products manufactured overseas as they may not meet Australian standards.

3.      Only buy electrical products from reputable stores and check for the compliance mark or approval number.

4.      Remember that if you are buying anything online that imported non-compliant goods can be a fire hazard.

5.      When you install your Christmas lights make sure there is no exposed wiring near where you are working.

6.      If you notice any damaged wiring, contact your local licensed electrician – don’t try to fix it yourself.

7.      Many Christmas lights are designed specifically for indoor use and are not suitable for use outside.

8.      If you want to put lights outside you must but buy lights expressly produced for outside use – and you must turn them off if it is raining or overly windy.

9.      Take a few minutes to explain electrical safety to children – so that they understand not to play with electricity.

10.  If you are using last year’s Christmas lights check there are no exposed wires or damaged controllers, lamp
holders or bulbs and never modify or attempt to repair any lighting equipment..

11.  If you don’t already have them – get safety switches installed on all electrical circuits in your home – safety switches are an additional safety measure that can prevent electrocution.

12.  Don’t leave Christmas on when you’re out or overnight.

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