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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Never do your own electrical work, it’s illegal and can be deadly. If you are planning to have some electrical work done, you must employ a registered electrician. A licensed and qualified electrical professional will do the work to the required Australian Safety Standards. Always check their electrical license, it is your guarantee they are qualified and competent to undertake your electrical work and it provides you with avenues for recourse if something goes wrong. Whenever a licensed electrician completes any electrical installation work, they must provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety. This certificate assures you the work has been done by an appropriately qualified person and completed in accordance with the Australian standards required by the ESV. Any electrical work is also subject to an audit to check that it satisfies all Australian standards. At Easton Electrical we only employ Victorian registered electrical professionals. Requiring 4 years of classroom and hands-on electrical experience, a qualified professional is the only and legal way to go.

    Easton Electrical is becoming one of the most prestigious companies providing electrician services all around Melbourne. They have got qualified employees to fulfil needs of any client. These electricians are not only trained to provide electrical services but are also able to solve phone, and networking industry problems. If you are looking for a team of professionals to solve any electrical issue at your home or business, Easton Electrical would be a great solution. They offer professional services without creating any mess. You do not have to worry about pieces of burnt wires and stains on your wall once the team is gone. They take care of everything and leave your space neat and clean. The most common problem which one may face working with such services is that they hide charges from you in their initial calls or meetings and once you have signed a contract with them, they will reveal those hidden charges. You will never experience any such thing with Easton Electrical as their rates are open from the very start. Their service range covers almost all aspects of electrical issues. These services are available in almost all areas of Melbourne. They offer the following services to their clients:

    • Cabling
    • Connection
    • 3 Phase Supply
    • Networking
    • Installations
    • Downlights
    • Free Quotes
    • Lighting
    • Maintenance
    • T.V. points
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Renovations
    • Rewiring
    • Servicing
    • Tagging
    • Testing
    • Switchboards
    There are many more services in addition to the above mentioned ones. One of the most popular services of this organisation is LED Downlights. It is is indeed one of the best services by Easton Electrical and they are helping to offer sustainable solutions of lighting which looks amazing and is also affordable.

    Safety switches as the name suggests are designed to save the lives of humans. these switches are known to identify the loss of current from an electric circuit. The identification will help you realise the possibility of electric shock. As soon this is detected, the power will be cut off in only few milliseconds. Safety switches have been made essential in Australia and other parts of the world since 1990 on all new power outlet circuits of new homes. Still there are many old homes and office buildings where these safety switches are not installed. So in those cases, the homes are not protected especially for children. There are many types of home safety switches which are used for different purposes.

    As the name suggests, switch board safety switches are mounted with switch boards. These are now required by the Federal laws in Australia and also other parts of the world. They are connected to the power and lighting circuits of switch boards which offer great amount of protection. These types of safety switches are located in switch boards and should not be mixed up with circuit breakers.

    There exist some switches which are a combination of safety switches as well as combined circuit breakers. These types of switches will not only protect you from getting electric shock but also will save the electric appliances they are attached to. Though these types of safety switches cost more than the standard types of circuit breakers but if you get them installed at the time of switchboard installation, it will save you more work. Usually, the safety switches are not in operation mode. When a safety switch is in operation mode, this is an alarm for some fault in your switch board. There could be something wrong with one or more of your electrical wires in the board or there could be some fault in the appliance. If your safety switch gives you the alarm by turning off the power, you need to take precautionary measures. Disconnect the appliance and reset the safety switch. You must avoid using the appliance unless you get it checked by an electrician. Easton Electrical can help you if you are having this kind of problem. They work in most regions of Melbourne - from East St. Kilda to East Malvern. You may also hire their services for the installation of safety switches and also if you are facing any trouble with them. You can contact them on this website via the contact form or you may call them on (03) 9578 4999. Easton Electrical is a team of friendly and cooperative workers who will offer you with the best possible solutions. They offer their services at a reasonable rate compared to other electricians in Melbourne no matter if you live in East St. Kilda or East Malvern or any other region of Melbourne.

    The electrical switchboard is the series of panels in order to send electricity from one source to another. It does not matter what is the primary source of power, whether it is a generator or any other power supply, the incoming power must always be same as outgoing power. As you guys are saved by the wires in switchboards with the help of circuit breakers, same is the case with internal structure of switchboards. The sub bars in a switchboard has electrical panels which protects any unwanted combining of wars within the board. This causes any unforeseen incident to happen but still it is always advised to get the switchboard inspected by an electrician. All of us are surrounded by switchboards no matter where we go. They are in our lounges, bedrooms, drawing rooms and even offices. Switchboards are definitely needed in order to charge your batteries or switch on/off fans and other lights. But their proper functioning is equally important to avoid any trouble. If you just buy a home and you want any new switchboard installed at your place, better call an electrician. If you live in Bonbeach or in any other region of Melbourne, you should call Easton Electrical as they are experts in these situations. Easton Electrical has got the best and most skilled commercial electrical contractors around Melbourne. They are reasonably priced, but more importantly, they are skilled when it comes to safety and expertise. The electricians at Easton Electrical are highly qualified and trained to solve any complicated switchboard problem. All you need to do is call them when you find any issue and they will take care of all of your electrical problems. The switches of switchboard can be used in a way that they adjust the voltage to any other device which is connected to them. This way, the appliances which are attached to the switchboard can be protected from very high voltage. In case there is a high voltage, the circuit breaker will break the circuit and cut the flow of the electric current from the switchboard. This and similar issues like these will be solved with the help of a skilled electrician. Electrical switchboards are used in many different applications which include power plant facilities, grid stations and other such stationary machines which are operated with the help of power. There are many new styles of switchboards which are used to save the switchboard operator while they are working to identify or solve the issue. The switchboard has several gauges and switches which will ensure the control of electric current in switchboard and will keep the operator aware and safe. These precautionary measures will save you and your switchboard operator from facing any unwanted mishap. If you want to be extra sure about the operation of your switchboard, you can call Easton Electrical on (03) 9578 4999.

    In 2009, when Minister for Environment Peter Garrett announced the constructions of Energy Efficient homes, some more questions rises and one them was: “Are Halogen Downlight a fire hazard”? According to analysis and many reports, there are hundreds of homes in Victoria which are fitted with halogen downlights and are at potential risk. The fashionable lights ignite roofing insulation which has caused fire in many homes, in Melbourne. According to firefighters, even the smoke detectors were unable to detect fire because of the blazes spread in the cavity of roof. This caused most of the problem because the residents in regions around Melbourne like Hampton and East Hampton were unable to know about the fire till very end. This calls for extra regulations and precautions to measure before the installation of Halogen Downlights. There have been laws and regulations announced for the installations of  Halogen downlights which require only licensed electricians to install them. They need to make sure to leave at least a space of 30 centimeters around them. Some of the safety measures to take with Halogen Downlight are:
    • According to Australian Standards, you always need a licensed electrician in order to install halogen downlight.
    • The downlights must be installed in such a way that proper space must be left to ensure cooling and air movement. But in any case, the thermal insulation should not be disturbed.
    • Once the lights are installed, they must be properly checked for buildup of windblown debris like dust or any leaves. This could be present between roof cavities near downlights.
    • There are different types of thermal insulations so you also need to discuss and decide which one suits you best according to your requirement.
    • You must never install halogen lights near structural timbler members for example floor beams, ceiling or roofs.
    • You must always keep these lights checked by professional electricians. While renovating home, there is a possibility that ceiling insulation may come in contact with halogen downlights so this must be avoided.
      The most common and neglected mistakes which have been done by residents with halogen downlights and have caused accidents are:
    • The smoke alarm detects the smoke/ fire which is under the roof. If you want to detect the roof inside the roof space, the smoke detector must be installed inside the roof as well.
    • The bulbs which are infrared coated may cost you more as compared to traditional ones but they last 50 % longer as compared to other bulbs.
    • If you do not need bright light, even the 20W infrared coated bulb would be fine.
    • The halogen down lights use 6 times more energy as compared to traditional bulbs but they needs to be turned off when you are not at home to save energy and to around any mishap.
    Thus, there is no doubt in the fact that Halogen downlights are essential and god to use but proper precaution need to be taken or they cause real fire hazard.

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