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Why use a A grade electrican?

Never do your own electrical work, it’s illegal and can be deadly.

If you are planning to have some electrical work done, you must employ a registered electrician. A licensed and qualified electrical professional will do the work to the required Australian Safety Standards.

Always check their electrical license, it is your guarantee they are qualified and competent to undertake your electrical work and it provides you with avenues for recourse if something goes wrong. Whenever a licensed electrician completes any electrical installation work, they must provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety. This certificate assures you the work has been done by an appropriately qualified person and completed in accordance with the Australian standards required by the ESV. Any electrical work is also subject to an audit to check that it satisfies all Australian standards.

At Easton Electrical we only employ Victorian registered electrical professionals. Requiring 4 years of classroom and hands-on electrical experience, a qualified professional is the only and legal way to go.