How to Become an Electrician

How to Become an Electrician

There are 75 electrical outlets in the average home, of various sizes, shapes, and functionality. Are the ones are gracing your walls the right ones for the job? Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common types in your home, including what they have to offer, as well as new home outlet contenders designed to make your space more user-friendly.

Common in older homes, this 15 amp, 125 volt, 2-wired outlet is used for ungrounded circuits only, and is rapidly becoming obsolete due to safety and code requirements.

One of the most easily recognized and common outlets found in homes, this outlet features two long, upper slots, with a bottom, upside-down u-shaped slot for grounding, helping to prevent electrical shock should any wiring comes loose.

“What Are the Most Common American Electrical Outlet Types?”

– Carmen Thorn

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Used with high current devices as specified by electrical code, such large kitchen appliances, these outlets are similar in appearance to standard, 15 amp outlets, but with a slightly different look: On these outlets.

  • 1. Old Faithful: 3 Prong, 15 amp, 125 Volt Outlets
  • 2. Marvelous Multi-Tasker: Switch/Outlet Combos
  • 3. Shockingly Safe: GFCI Outlets

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