Why do I need a Licensed Electrician?

Why do I need a Licensed Electrician?

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So, you’re having your home painted and you mention to the painter that you’re thinking of changing over the light fittings and he says “Oh, I can do that for you”.


Or, the kitchen installer says “Sure, I can add an extra power outlet for you”.
What’s wrong with that?


Well, they’re not qualified and so can’t produce a Certificate of Electrical Safety when they’re done.
THE WORK IS NOT INSURED. If anything happens, you have no recourse and your insurance company will decline any claims!


We are licenced and registered contractors, we carry materials insurance and $20m. public liability.
Naturally, we’ll issue a Certificate of Electrical Safety at the end of the job!


Make sure you get one of these:


Certificate of electrical safety - Easton Bell Electrical

If you are planning or needing to get any residential or commercial electrical work done, don’t hesitate to contact Easton Bell Electrical for a free quote, friendly and timely service and reasonable prices.
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