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    Smoke alarms


    There wouldn’t be a home or apartment in Victoria that doesn’t have at least one smoke alarm. Did you know that it is now the law that all new homes must have hard-wired smoke alarms?

    But there are also new regulations from 1st January 2021 on the horizon that say that every rental provider must ensure that any smoke alarm is correctly installed, in working condition and is tested according to the manufacturer’s instructions at least once every 12 months.

    And there is good reason for these regulations: Smoke alarms would be the single best thing you can have in your home to warn you of a fire – especially while you’re sleeping!

    It’s highly recommend by the manufacturers that ALL smoke alarms, battery and mains powered be replaced every 10 years.

    How can Easton Electrical help you with smoke alarms? We have recently extended our services to include the installation, testing and servicing of smoke alarms. Whether they are hard-wired or battery operated, we can help!

    Special offer

    We offer an introductory comprehensive smoke alarm test and report for only $88. This includes replacement of the first battery operated smoke alarm, each extra battery operated smoke alarm $27.50.

    First battery replacement free, each extra battery $11

    Hard-wired smoke alarms:

    Comprehensive test and report only $88. Replacement of first hard wired smoke alarm only $55, each extra alarm $66 – including a Certificate of Compliance.

    Contact us about getting your smoke alarms installed, tested or serviced by giving us a call on 0413 156 407 or sending us an enquiry! Better safe than sorry!